Aromatherapy is the use of plant essence in the form of essential oils, extracted from plants, fruits, flowers, bark, roots or resin. These aromatic substances have a number of physiological and psychological properties.

In Holistic Aromatherapy the main method of application is through the skin, by massaging in a blend of essential oils and a carrier/massage oil.

Each treatment and massage blend is unique, tailored to the specific needs of the person at that time. The combination of massage and the therapeutical qualities of the essential oils (inhaled through the nose and absorbed through the skin), can relieve stress and revitalise, uplift the spirit, boost the immune system and encourage the body's own healing process.

Conditions that may benefit from Aromatherapy massage include:
Stress and stress-related disorders
Sleep problems
Digestive problems; e.g. IBS, indigestion
Back ache

Other benefits that may be expected include:
Reduced fluid retention
Stimulation of the immune system
Increased blood circulation, increasing the oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues
Increased energy levels
Relief of stress and a feeling of well-being
A calmer mind and less nervous tension