Massage as we know it today has evolved from Eastern and Western traditions. The use of manual massage techniques is well-recorded in many ancient cultures. Records in China date back to 3000 BC and also the ancient Greeks used massage widely to maintain physical health.

Modern massage is said to have begun in the early 1800s and the greatest influence was a Swedish physiologist called Per Henrik Ling, who created a specific system of massage movements and techniques. We still refer to Swedish massage because of his influence.

Most massage techniques utilise the Swedish Massage as a foundation for a treatment. Generally, the use of the hands to manipulate the soft tissues of the body (i.e. the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments) in a gentle, flowing massage with various degrees of pressure and stretching movements and strokes.

Benefits of massage:
Relaxing for the whole body
Loosens and relieves tight and sore muscles
Increases blood and lymph flow
Improves skin tone
Strengthening for the immune system
Reduces tension headaches and mental stress
Improves concentration and promotes better sleep
Reduces anxiety and gives a feeling of well-being